Independent home services contractors are increasingly using mass media vehicles like television, radio, billboards and so on to advertise their companies. How exciting! Chances are you’re either using one of these advertising vehicles or have considered it. It’s the major leagues of marketing.

Your experience probably went something like this. A nice television rep told you how powerful TV is. Everyone watches TV, particularly your target audience, right? The rep then gave you a proposal with big numbers, like the number of spots that’ll run. Wow! You’re going to be on popular shows all the time! Then she told you how little you’ll pay. Finally, she sealed the deal by throwing in the production of a free or deeply discounted commercial.

Who could say no? The answer is you. Not because you shouldn’t be advertising on TV (or on the radio or on billboards, etc.). Say no because reps don’t take the time to learn your business. TV reps, for example, don’t know whether you can afford to be on TV. If you can afford it, they don’t know when your ads should run and how often. They only know one thing: how to close deals and make money.

To appropriately determine whether you should be using mass media, and how to effectively use these vehicles at the lowest possible cost, you need to hire a media planner and buyer.

For a better understanding on how to work with a media planner / buyer and for tips on selecting one for you, see my article in the April Reeves Journal on media planning.