So, how do you go about building trust with your customers?

At Nexstar, we feel that it’s important to empathize with the customer, demonstrate your expertise and set clear expectations. We call these the pillars of trust.

  • Empathy
  • Expertise
  • Expectations

In fact, our Code of Ethics states:

“We will explore each customer situation to sufficient detail and gather sufficient facts to gain an understanding of the problems, the scope of assistance needed, and the possible benefits our service and technical recommendations may provide our customers.”

Let’s take a closer look at the pillars and how your team can put them to use in the field:


When you empathize, your actions need to show consideration. You should ask questions that show interest in the customers concerns and provide statements that clarify and show understanding.

“It must have been frustrating to have the furnace go out a second time.”


When demonstrating your expertise, share your credentials and experience as well as your company’s. Share your track record. Ask questions and give explanations and suggestions that they homeowner wouldn’t have thought of.

“Based on my experience with that kind of problem, I’d say your system may be short-cycling.”


It’s very important to set a clear agenda. This will help you reduce uncertainty about when and how the call will end.

“After we’ve discovered your priorities, I’ll make a survey of the house and your current system, then I’ll offer some options and suggestions for you to consider.”