In today’s market, consumers do not mind spending their hard-earned money for a quality product or name-brand service. They do; however, have to be able to perceive that there is indeed value, or a difference between products and services.

This begins with the customer service representatives. If a customer calls in and asks how much it is to come out and we simply offer up a price, chances are we will not book the call as often. This is because we have not built any value nor explained to the customer what they get for that charge.

What are the advantages and benefits of using our company? Is it our technicians? Our technology?  Our availability? Our reputation? Our professionalism? Or is the CSR leaving it up to the price?

We have to paint a picture for each customer that calls us with a want or need. Can your CSRs readily explain the advantages or benefits of using your company, or do they use just another scripted line that an order taker could read off?

Would you rather have someone tell you, “Yes, it’s ‘xyz’ dollars just to get a technician to your door,” or would you rather hear, “Mrs. Customer, I can have a professional, licensed, drug-screened, background-checked employee come to your home to provide an upfront, customized set of options to you and your family?” Which one sounds like you are getting more for your money?

I sometimes have tasked people with making a top 10 list of why they and their company are great. Do you have a list? Can you readily identify and explain at least 10 reasons why a consumer should choose your shop? Are you just reading off these benefits, or do you believe them? It will translate and be apparent to our customers if you do not truly believe them.

Finally, when building value with a customer, a CSR should tell them why these 10 items are important. Link these items back to the need or want that directly hits home with the customer being spoken with. For example, “Mr. Customer, here at ‘xyz’ company, we care about your safety and security which is why we employ only the best of the best as technicians. All of our technicians are background checked, drug screened, and have clean driving records. We want our customers to enjoy their experience with us; therefore, we want you to feel safe and secure with the choices we have made regarding our employees, and the work they perform.”

Some items that are hot buttons for customers are: safety, security, quality, competency, time and reputation. Tie your top 10 list back to one of these needs and remember to paint the picture for the customer on why they should choose you!

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