The Winning Formula: The Power of an Effective Marketing Plan

Best Practices | 1 min read

Are you worried that your phones will stop ringing? Do you have a balanced and intentional marketing plan? That is marketing’s job, to give you a steady stream of quality calls.

The winning formula of an effective marketing plan is built of three things:

1. The basics. Go to marketing pieces like stickers and magnets.

2. A targeted audience marketing plan that emphasizes your current customers. These are your most important customers. They cost less to retain and on average they spend 33% more than new customers.

3. A healthy balance of branding, direct response, and digital marketing.

At Nexstar Network, members use our Marketing Wizard, a tool to help them create an annual marketing plan. This tool is designed to help companies evaluate their current marketing efforts to see what is working and what is not, then take the next step to build on their marketing strengths. Now you can too! Just watch our video and download your own mini Marketing Wizard.