The Nexstar Service Partner Plan is a great way to build relationships with your customers, help them (and you) avoid emergencies, stabilize your work flow, reward your employees and create lifelong customers. Specifically, Nexstar’s plan aligns your business needs with the desires of customers.

These plans give your customers piece of mind by giving them reassurance they will be put to the front of the line in case of an emergency, and potentially save money on work completed and even utility bills. These same plans can provide you with a bank of customers before you even have to spend a penny on.Marketing plan Training, and you can tailor what is provided in the plan based on your business needs.

Are you thinking of implementing some type of Service Partner Plan? You might think that you should increase your effort to sell these plans when business is slow. This is the wrong way to go about it. You need to be increasing your Service Partner Plan count when you are in front of the most customers and you are at your busiest. This way, when business is slower, you can use your Service Partner Plan customers to fill your capacity board. It’s important for you technicians to realize the plan members they sign up today will be work for them tomorrow.

Nexstar’s coaches are here to help you launch or refine a Service Partner Plan. Find out more.