Here’s a great piece of small business advice: always remember to take time to celebrate your successes, even the small ones, which add up to big things. Watch for people doing good things and celebrate the moment.

The Small Things:

  • Hit your daily sold hour goal? Send a page to the entire company congratulating them on a great day.
  • A tech exceeds his weekly sold hour goal? Have a note or a card waiting in their paperwork with a personal congratulations and thank you for their contribution.
  • CSRs exceed their conversion rate goal? Deliver a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a thank you note to brighten the office.
  • A glowing review from a happy customer? Read it aloud in a staff meeting and publicly thank the people involved in making that customer a fan.

There are small successes every day, just remember to look for them! Keep in mind that the best way to show your praise is to make it personal–it only takes a couple of minutes to show you care. Here at Nexstar headquarters, we have a special bulletin board, where we leave kudos to each other for a job well done. Once a month, at our staff meeting, we draw two winners for a $25 gift card. One winner is the person who the kudos was for, and the other is the person that submitted the kudos. It’s a little thing, but we really enjoy taking the time to celebrate our team and our commitment to providing great service to our members. Here’s a picture of our board–as you can see, it fills up fast! Are you doing cool things to recognize your employees? Share with us!


Here’s a close up shot:

We also post kudos from our members! You can do the same with the great messages you receive from your customers!

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