What a week! Nexstar® members in the PHCE industries just completed our annual Owners’ Spotlight Series meeting focused on leadership. This two day, hands-on workshop featured inspiring speakers, leadership tools like Q4 assessments and the DiSC profile, group training and worksheets. Our goal was for owners to walk away from the meeting with a clear vision for their companies and a good understanding of the guiding principles that impact their companies’ culture and strategic plan, including their own roles as leaders.

Part of understanding a leadership role is to determine how leadership is different than management. At a high level:

  • Management is about doing things right. Being efficient with things and activities.
  • Leadership is about doing the right things. Being effective with people and strategy.

Let’s go through subtle differences of each.

Management is about: Being efficient and doing things right

  • Ensuring fulfillment on the mission
  • Business Planning – setting the short-term direction
  • Establishing expectations for how you’ll work – standard operating  procedures and business systems
  • Developing standards and metrics to monitor progress
  • Communicating important information appropriately – filtering messages
  • Adjusting as necessary

Leadership is about: Being effective and doing the right things

  • Developing the future strategic plans
  • Training, coaching and guiding – including helping people through change when needed
  • Exercising influence – aligning constituencies, building relationships, and leveraging teams
  • Process improvement – finding problems/improvement opportunities constantly
  • Gaining commitment, engaging employees, and empowering others to act
  • Motivating and inspiring employees

Your objective is to move slowly but deliberately from being a manager to being a leader. There are many steps along this leadership journey. Over the next few weeks, members of the Nexstar business coaching and training staff will be sharing leadership tips and strategies outlined at our Owners’ Spotlight Series here for you on www.nexstarnetwork.contractors.

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