If you’re not asking for your caller’s email address you are cheating yourself and your customer.

Email is a powerful customer retention and communication tool as well as the most inexpensive form of demand marketing available. You should be getting an email address from most of the customers you contact and you should verify that address at least yearly to maintain accurate customer records.

Most people have a hard time asking for an email address because they are uncomfortable giving their own out so the first people you need to sell on the idea are the ones who answer your phones. Email is the easiest way for us to let our customers know about equipment safety and product update information as well as warranty service reminders. It is also how we can let them know about things going on in our business and specials that we run throughout the year.

We need to tell our customers that we will NEVER sell their information to a third party so they don’t have to worry about their inboxes filling up with spam. Plus, we should have some exclusive deals for email customers only.

I hope I’ve convinced you to capture the email so now you probably want to know how to do that. The best answer I have for you is ASK. This might seem obvious but most companies just don’t do it. Make it a part of your list of customer information questions. No separation or dramatic pause just another required piece of information to enter the call.

57%of consumers will fill out a card to receive email alerts when asked to by a clerk at a small local business. (Transaction Business Group) I think that statistic is telling us to ASK.

And once you get the email addresses your Marketing Coaches have a number of great ideas on how to make the most of that information.

Capturing valid email addresses for your entire customer base should be a priority for all Nexstar members.