About a month ago, we visited the topic of capturing email addresses while on the phone with customers. Nexstar’s Call Center Excellence coach, Tom Merriott wrote an excellent article that touched on why getting an email address is important. As your business advisor, I’d like to add to this topic, focusing on the specifics of how to get the address in a customer-friendly way.

View Tom Merriott’s earlier post on obtaining customer e-mail addresses here.

First of all, don’t underestimate the power of confidence when asking a customer for an e-mail address.  When a CSR is reluctant when asking for the information, the customer can be reluctant in giving information.  Make obtaining customer e-mails part of your process.  For example, you are in the process of putting together tech bios to send out to the customer.  This is your reason for needing the customer’s e-mail address. This is what the CSR says to the customer:

CSR:  Now, I can also email an appointment confirmation to you that will have a photo ID of the technician that will be coming out so you’ll know exactly who to be expecting to arrive at your home.  Can I have your email address please?

In this instance, the customer will understand why it is important to share their information. They will also gain something in return. People have more confidence in giving you their information if you have established trust and if there is a valid reason in giving you their information.

Nexstar has a Call Center Excellence Series that contains a variety of scenarios and scripts for you to view. As a member, you can also check out the 6 CSR e-learning modules on the member side of the Nexstar website to aid in training CSR’s so they can hear how to obtain information.  Members can go to On-line learning > Call Center Excellence Training.

View Tom Merriott’s earlier post on obtaining customer e-mail addresses here.