I had the great opportunity to teach at Nexstar Network’s Call Center School last week. One of my favorite parts of this class is when our attendees share their “AHA” moments with the class. Our group last week, had some wonderful insights, and I thought they were worth echoing.

“Don’t rush through calls.”

“Learn something personal about your customers when they call in.”

“Take the time to measure your call stats to gain insight and to see where you can improve.”

“Our goal is always to book the call.”

“If at all possible, don’t transfer the customer or put them on hold.”

“My smile will come through on the call.”

“Be patient and listen.”

“Empathize with the customer and make them feel important.”

I hope that you find these as inspirational as I do! I can’t wait to see the great things in store for our recent call center graduates—they are now prepared to provide incredible customer care!