I want to share with you an acronym that a Nexstar Network member recently reminded me of. Can any of you tell me what FEAR stands for?





This acronym is a great thing to consider as we move into 2013. What do you want to accomplish this year? What are you going to say YES to?

The member that brought this to my attention is a successful contractor who has taken the leap to buying out his competitors. Why? Because he knows that in his market, this is the easiest and fastest way to grow and make the phone ring. Making the decision was something that he struggled with, though.

He was plagued by all of the scenarios running through his head. What would his new customer base think and feel about the acquisition? What if he got in over his head?

The point is, this member did not go into this decision blind–he had a plan and put it into place. He realized that he could not be dominated by the “What ifs?” The fear that he imagined in his head, did not come true.

So hear is my advice as a business coach. Make plans. Have goals. Do not let FEAR get in your way.