Access Heating and Air has been a Nexstar member for just over a year, having joined in 2010.

In its first year as a member, Nexstar helped the company solidify a marketing plan and get reporting and tracking in place in multiple departments. Access Owner Keith Lithander said of Business Coach Jodie Deegan, “He’s held my feet to the fire, he’s been there to listen and be supportive, he has a lot of wisdom and I respect what he has to say.”

They also worked closely with Marketing Coach Melanie Tauring, who said, “What they were able to do for themselves is get a foundation from which we can build. That’s the key a lot of new members miss. When you come in, you have to start a foundation. If you’re not tracking and you don’t know, that’s OK. But get something on paper, get a foundation so that we can start to either do a gut check or to track to find out what’s working.”

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