John Travolta said it best in one of my favorite movies from my youth    – “It’s systematic!” Systems are put in place for a reason, especially when it comes to air conditioning and heating sales and service. You see, cars aren’t the only thing that can perform like greased lightening. Just ask Ellis Guiles, Nexstar® Network member, ACCA member and Operations Manager with Tag Mechanical in Syracuse, New York. Ellis says, “Ever wondered how Ray Kroc managed to make millions from simply flipping burgers? Well, quit wondering. Processes and procedures consistently performing and providing exceptional customer experiences over and over again are what created Ray Kroc’s fortune.”

Good systems, processes and procedures bring order to chaos, transferring dependence upon staff to dependence on the system. They help hold staff accountable and are proven to increase revenues and increase satisfaction among the customers your serve. CSR and Dispatch systems bring consistency of message, increased productivity and enhanced communication between the two departments.

A good HVAC sales management system steps your sales team through the sales process from getting the appointment to closing the deal. Each step should provide objectives, activities and the tools like these that are needed to complete the step:

•Comfort Survey Worksheet

•Cost of Ownership Worksheet

•Daily Productivity Report

•Estimated Energy Savings Calculator

•Heat Load Calculator

•HVAC Sales Post Call Assessment

Bob Hamilton, owner of Bob Hamilton, Plumbing, Heating & AC in Kansas City, Missouri agrees. Bob is an ACCA and Nexstar member who says, “Within 3 months of joining Nexstar, my business did a 180-degree turn for the better. As a result of implementing Nexstar’s proven systems and working with their coaches, we’ve grown our revenues to over $5 million.”  Bob increased his revenues in spite of a down economy because he stuck to his proven systems.

If you’re an air conditioning and heating contractor heading to Las Vegas for the ACCA Indoor Air Expo March 5-8, stop by the Nexstar Network booth – #609 and ask Lisa Schardt and Bryan Martin how Nexstar’s proven, greased lightning systems can help you increase sales and lighten your load!